Monday, October 26, 2009

Denim Tote Bags

Hello everyone! Check out these patchwork denim tote bags. I began saving all my denim scraps and started sewing them together to make a larger piece of patchwork and decided it would make a good tote bag. Each bag has a colorful cotton lining and matching nylon handles for sturdiness. These bags are so versatile that you can pretty much use them for anything from library books to toys to clothing. I specifically designed these bags to be washable.

At this time I have three bags already finished and ready for sale. Approximate size for each bag is 14 inches x 17 inches. Each one is priced at $30.

1) Featured at the top left: Lining is black with a rainbow of polka dots. The handles are bright pink. Bag is machine washable, lay flat to dry.

2)Featured at top right: Lining is light blue with polka dots in varying shades of blue and brown. The handles are dark brown. Bag is machine washable, lay flat to dry. THIS BAG IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

3)Featured at bottom right: Lining has a brown background with bright turquoise flowers. The handles are a turquoise, made from cotton. Bag is machine washable, tumble dry low.

If you are interested in any of these bags please email me. If there is a color you would like let me know and I can create a bag specifically for you.

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