Sunday, April 3, 2011

Projects galore...

I have been busy with many different projects but have been slacking in posting pictures and descriptions of them. Something that I am continually making are fabric cards for all types of occasions. I did not come up with this design on my own...I merely followed the tutorial on Moda's Bake Shop where it gave detailed instructions. Now I am churning out these cards on a regular basis and giving them to friends and family for their own use. I try to use batiks when I make these as they are less prone to ravel and therefore give me less problem when I sew them. Also, I try to use as bright of fabric as possible. Here are a few pics of my card creations.

Another project that I did back at Christmas was a hopscotch mat for playing inside. I have friends who have 4 little girls and when there is a snow day or something else that keeps them all inside, they get bored very quickly. So, for Christmas this year I designed a mat that could be rolled up when not in use and was washable if needed. I backed the mat in durable denim from my stash. I made sure to use the brightest fabric I had on hand and then attached the black felt numbers. I then made bean bags for each girl so there would not be a problem sharing (not in the picture as they were not done when I snapped it). Check it out:

If you are interested in having any of these designs for your own, contact me and I will discuss the details about your individual item. I would love to create something unique for you and your family!

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